Engage with our students

Engage with our students

Graduating Student

With over 25,000 students from over 140 countries studying at the University of Glasgow, we offer companies an unrivalled opportunity to identify future talent.  We are increasingly aware of the importance of our University as a driving force that can work in conjunction with the business industry. The Adam Smith Business School prides itself on nurturing and developing our students to become the academics and industry leaders of the future.

The Careers Service has a wide range of mechanisms to engage with our student base and will work with companies to develop a personalised proposal.  We facilitate over 350 internship opportunities each academic year which includes summer and on-campus internships as well as part-time term time roles within local companies that fit in with student studies.

Your organisation can benefit from our students’ knowledge of the latest business thinking in a number of ways:

Guest lectures

The Adam Smith Business School welcomes external speakers and hosts a number of guest lectures from our collaborators in industry and academia.  We invite guest lecturers to present as part of multiple ongoing lecture series to bring their own industrial perspective to our students and staff to motivate and inspire.

Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to hear the thoughts from an international audience that can lead to new initiatives being taken by an organisation.
  • Raises the profile of your organisation and improves the efficiency of your recruitment processes by educating our students on what your expectations are.
  • The opening to explore further opportunities with the Adam Smith Business School.
  • Concepts and discussions come to the forefront to provide insight and opinions on a broad range of business issues to find common ground.

Our current guest lectures include: Practitioner Seminars, Specialist Guest Lecture Series, Leadership Forum, Scottish Chair Workshop Dinner and Glasgow Talks.

MBA Consultancy projects

For our MBA students, consultancy projects play a key role in connecting our students to businesses and are an important opportunity for them to apply their knowledge and skills learned in a real and practical environment.  Our business partners have the opportunity to benefit from the insight and talent of our high-calibre international student base.

Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to meet the future key business influencers without the costs associated with a mainstream consultancy team.
  • Extensive consultancy reports and presentation of findings without the costs associated with mainstream consultancy teams.
  • Access to a combination of specialist skills, expert knowledge and professional experience from our international students, backed by the academic experience of a top business school.

Previous partners have included Sgurr Energy, Gas Sensing Solutions, BDO, O2/Telefónica, SEPA, IBM, Prestwick Airport, John Russell Transport, Exprivia and McCurrach.

These projects have involved creating business plans, reviewing training provision, conducting market analysis, looking for ways to improve productivity, improving customer relationship management activities, operational project planning, producing a distribution analysis and resource management.

Student placements

The students and graduates from the Adam Smith Business School are inspired, eager to learn and can offer a solution to the recruitment and skill requirements within your organisation.  Students placements can bring specialist knowledge and a fresh perspective to your business.

It is possible for international students on a Tier 4 visa to work part-time during their studies and full-time during the four-month period between completing their course and the expiry of their visa.  Typically, this runs from September to January.

This four-month period is an ideal opportunity to employ a student to work on a specific project.  It is also possible for businesses to sponsor a graduate for two years upon completion of their studies.  This would require Tier 2 sponsorship and advice on this should be obtained from Talent Scotland.

Benefits include:

  • Our students and graduates bring the latest business knowledge, theories and techniques to your business projects.
  • Our students bring valuable new and unbiased perspectives to enhance your business.
  • Direct access to future world changers and key influencers.

If you are interested in placing our students in internships please contact the Internship Hub for more information.