Fluctuating populations dynamics and spatial synchrony

Fluctuating populations dynamics and spatial synchrony

Project Objectives

I am interested in the measurement of cyclic tendency in noisy time-series, and the quantification of spatial synchrony in sets of fluctuating populations. Key to understanding these dynamics is the characterization of the coupling between different populations by which the synchrony arises. This coupling could be localized between spatially proximate populations, or more global; it could be weak and continuous, or strong and acting only intermittently. I am interested also in the spatial geometry and configuration of habitat and how this affects the synchrony and spatial dynamics of fluctuating populations.

Project Description

This work has been conducted over a period of several years with a loose consortium of collaborators on a variety of data sets. We have examined the spatial dynamics of Canadian lynx, muskrat and mink; voles on the island of Hokkaido, and Grouse on Scottish shooting moors.

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