Modelling movement of elk using GPS data

Modelling movement of elk using GPS data

[collaboratory research with John Fryxell, Juan Morales, Peter Turchin, Evelyn Merril, Mark Boyce, Monica Turner and others]

Project Objectives

Project ObjectivesTo build and parameterize models of elk dispersal using GPS collar data and remotely sensed data related to the landscape through which they disperse.

Project Description

This research is a carry-over from my post-doctoral project with John Fryxell at the University of Guelph.

The links below illustrate an animation of telemetry data from 119 elk released in to east central Ontario. The movements are superimposed on to a classified satellite image kindly provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources (Ontario). The eastern suburbs of Toronto are visible in gray to the bottom left of the image. Agricultural land is shown in pink, and forest in greens and purples. The file is very large and I recommend downloading the Elk Movie Zipped here.

References and Manuscripts

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