BHF Centre of Research Excellence

BHF Centre of Research Excellence

What is the BHF Centre of Research excellence?

Since 2008, the British Heart Foundation has been investing in centres of research excellence, which gather leading scientists together who conduct ground-breaking research projects with the aim of conquering heart disease. The main objectives from the centres of excellence are:

To jump-start innovative research projects and support inspirational ideasTo seek out and train the very best young doctors and scientists to become the next generation of heart researchersTo foster pioneering research partnerships between heart scientists and other specialists, such as engineers and mathematicians, to gain brand new insight and ideas to tackle heart disease.

The BHF Centre of Research Excellence in Vascular Science and Medicine at ICAMs 

In 2012, with further investment from the BHF, the scheme was renewed and a second call was put out for proposals. Of the 14 applications submitted to the BHF, 6 awards were given with Glasgow joining Oxford, Cambridge, Kings, Imperial and Edinburgh as the successful awardees.

The Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences (ICAMs) was awarded a £3M research grant for 5 years and has now established the BHF Centre of Research Excellence in Vascular Science and Medicine. In itself the BHF Research Excellence Award represents an outstanding achievement, recognising the calibre of expertise in pioneering cardiovascular research here at ICAMs.

The award was initiated in April 2014 and is going strong to this day!