About us

The BHF Centre of Excellence Award was initially awarded in 2014 and in 2019 we successfully secured a renewal of the award.

The renewal of BHF Research Excellence award allows us to move our cardiovascular research and training agendas in the University of Glasgow to higher levels by not only strengthening existing research programmes but also by developing and implementing innovative and ambitious initiatives.

The overall goals of our research are to advance knowledge regarding mechanisms of cardiovascular disease and to develop new approaches to diagnosis, prevention and therapy through a combination of discovery science, translational research, clinical and population studies.

Our research covers the spectrum between mechanistic science and clinical medicine as exemplified in this application, where we focus on two clearly defined areas of world-leading research in the University of Glasgow namely 1) molecular and vascular mechanisms in the development of cardiovascular disease and 2) heart failure.


BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre

School of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health

126 University Place

University Of Glasgow


G12 8TA

Key Contacts

Professor Colin Berry

Director of BHF Centre of Research Excellence / Professor of Cardiology and Imaging (School of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health) 

Telephone: 0141 330 1671
Email: Colin.Berry@glasgow.ac.uk  

Personal Assistant Ruth Bennet 

Telephone: 01413303325
Email: ruth.bennett@glasgow.ac.uk


Professor Christian Delles

Deputy Director of BHF Centre of Research Excellence / Professor of Cardiovascular Prevention (School of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health)

Telephone: 0141 3302749
Email: Christian.Delles@glasgow.ac.uk 

University of Glasgow Map

You can find us at the BHF Cardiovascular Research Centre, indicated on the map below. 

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