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27.11.19 - Professor Helen Minnis, Key Note Speaker, Birgit Olsson Lecture, Gothenburg.  Maltreatment - Associated Psychiatric Problems - How Trauma and ESSENCE are Linked 

8.1.19 - Professor Helen Minnis in conversation regarding attachment

12.12.17 - Professor Helen Minnis was a panellist on the BBC programme Tomorrow’s World Live – The Future of the Mind (Helen is introduced at 8:30)- along with colleagues from neurosciences and science communication.   The panel took questions from the audience on topics as diverse as ‘how the brain works’ and ‘how autism can be both a strength and a problem’.     

5.10.17 - How to Manage Children's Anxiety (by Davidson Murphy, Educational Psychologist) - Belly Breathing and How to Avoid Becoming a Lizard 

8.2.17 - JCPP Podcast (Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry): Maltreatment-associated neurodevelopmental disorders.  Professor Helen Minnis, University of Glasgow and Lisa Dinkler, University of Gothenburg

6.2.17 - Teen Special: Fostering a good relationship with your teenager.  Interview with Professor Helen Minnis and BBC Radio Scotland, Gillian Russell.  

6.12.16 - SAIA conference - Why Attachment Matters - beyond early years.  During the conference IRISS.FM spoke to the speakers - Tam Baillie, Judy Furnival, Helen Minnis, Sally Wassell and Paul Gilroy - as well as some of the delegates on a range of topics: how research into brain development in early years is helping us understand brain development in adolescence; professionalism and risk averse practices; why attachment is not better understood by everyone working in human services; evidence informed practice and practice informed evidence; and the use of randomised control trials in the social sciences.

23.11.16 - Why Attachment Matters - Interview with Professor Helen Minnis and David Woodier a teacher, adoptive parent and blogger for Scottish Attachment in Action. Themes emerging from the interview may well resonate with those living and working with children and young people who’ve had an adverse start in life

11.09.09 - Why attachment matters in children's development - Professor Helen Minnis - Scottish Institute for Residential Child Care (SIRCC) 

 5.10.17 How to manage children's anxiety - Video clips by David Murphy, Scottish Educational Psychologist Belly Beathing and How to Avoid Being a Lizard