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Many of the issues that affect us across the lifespan, even into adulthood, have their origin in childhood. Children who suffer difficult early experiences, such as illness, neurodevelopmental problems, neglect or abuse can develop mental health problems that can burden them throughout their lives, holding them back in social development, family life, education, the work place, and even their physical health.  Our research, clinical work and teaching aims to understand and address this. The team is closely allied to the Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre

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This project aims to explore the process of consulting with children about the research approaches for undertaking a large-scale medical study to explore why abused and neglected children are at higher risk of later physical (e.g. heart disease) and mental health problems. By working in partnership with a group of Young Scientists the aim is  intended to gain a better understanding of how, for example, hair, blood and oxytocin secretion samples and MRI scans might be completed in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the young participants and their families.  The intent is to therefore achieve improved communication of intent, process and outcome and a greater ethical codification of the future study, for which these workshops were a catalyst.


Latest Diary of a Young Scientist - 15th January 2019


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Postponed due to Pandemic - 4th International ACE Centre Conference - Glasgow - Thursday 11th June 2020

Postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic - new date to be confirmed 2021

4th International ACE Centre Conference:

Does genetics matter in mental health?  How?

Thursday 11th June 2020

Queen Elizabeth Teaching and Learning Centre, Glasgow

Presentations from:

KEYNOTE - Professor Thomas Bourgeron, Centre for Translational Science, Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions, Institut  Pasteur, France. The genetics of autism and ESSENCE from risk to resilience

Professor Christopher Gillberg,  Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist University of Glasgow/ Gothenburg, and Professor  Helen Minnis, Child and adolescent Psychiatrist, University of Glasgow. Interview – Nature and Nurture in Child Mental Health

Dr Clare Allely, Reader in  Forensic Psychology, University of Salford, Manchester. Autism and the Criminal Justice System

For the first time we have organised a YOUNG PEOPLE’S DEBATE. The topic will be ‘is genetics important in mental health?’ Lead by Laura Wallis from Debating Mental Health  -

Dr Helen Rodwell and Dr Katie Hunt, Consultant Clinical Psychologists, Jigsaw Psychology Ltd, Derby. Neurodevelopment and Trauma with practical tips for parents and clinicians

Conference Programme

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