The Cotton Group

Current Research

I work on the genetics and genomics of eukaryotic parasites, particularly on parasites that cause neglected tropical diseases. I particularly enjoy working collaboratively, on projects that have both some implications for reducing the burder of NTDs but also raise interesting questions about the genetics or biology of the parasites themselves, or at least require some fun analyses.

My research has focused on building genomic data resources for eukaryotic parasites, and then using those tools to understand various aspects of parasite biology. I am particularly interested in generating large-scale data on parasite genetic variation, and in understanding parasite population genetics, evolution and epidemiology. I have worked on quite a wide range of organisms. A long-term interest is in Leishmania, particularly in Ethiopia where I have active projects on both cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis. I am particularly interested in anthelminthic drug resistance, and have been working on the gastro-intestinal nematode of small ruminants Haemonchus contortus as a model for the genetics and evolution of resistance, and more recently on the genetics of Schistosoma with a view to developing genetic/genomic surveillance as an early warning system for the emergence of resistance. 

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