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Current Research

The long-standing theme of my research has been to generate new approaches to analyse and mind big biological data sets. In the past, I have generated new methods to improve the assembly of genomes (PAGIT) or to analyse expression data. Those I applied to study the evolution of parasites and host pathogen interactions.

The focus of my new group at the University of Glasgow is to generate new methods to combine and analyse high throughput biological data. The challenge to overcome is to combine the huge amount of data, incorporate the different ‘omics technologies, fit the best algorithm and generate a pragmatic solution that works and does not take years to be implemented.

My research interests are:

  • computational tools in data integration
  • analysis of clinical data (IMID-Bio-UK)
  • Single-cell sequencing in Human, mouse and parasites

We have established the "Companion Annotation Server" at the University of Glasgow. Compared to our Sanger implementation, we are upgrading the reference set and have a slightly more powerful server. Please also check on the @CompanionServer twitter feed. New is the Companion for Fungi which should help the fungi community to annotate their genomes.

On the paper front, we have published the var gene paper that shows the analysis of the var genes from 2400 field isolates.

Research Group Members

Research Group Members

Alex Pancheva, PhD Student

Eva Crespo, PhD Student

Lauren Galloway, PhD Student


Lucy MacDonald, PhD Student

Olympia Hardy, PhD Student

Ross Laidlaw, PhD Student





Dr. Juan Quintana