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Current Research

Our research applies advanced imaging techniques to enhance our understanding of the basic biology of the immune system in real time, in vivo. We have applied these approaches to understand how cellular interactions govern the magnitude and phenotype of developing immune responses. We apply these approaches to understanding the host parasite interaction in immunity to infection as well as the host immune response against self in autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  These studies are enabled by a state of the art imaging technologies (e.g. multiphoton microscopy, microendoscopy, whole body imaging, high content imaging) that we have established at the University of Glasgow. We collaborate with physicists, mathematicians and chemists to continue development of new non-invasive, translational cell-imaging approaches and combine them with in vivo biological approaches in immunology such as cell specific reporters, cell fate tracking, transcriptomics and cell sorting.


Research Group Members

Research Group Members


Elizabeth Chimbayo, PhD Student

Rowland Osii, PhD Student

Arianna Raponi, PhD Student





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