Tawona Sitholé - Artist in Residence

Tawona UNESCO Official Portrait 2017

Tawona is a poet, playwright, mbira musician, educator and facilitator. His ancestral family name, Ganyamatope, is a reminder of his heritage, which inspires him to make connections with other people through creativity, and the natural outlook to learn. As co-founder of Seeds of Thought arts group, Tawona’s work involves supporting and facilitating access to the creative arts. Tawona is Poet in Residence for GRAMNet and works in a variety of settings and institutions. As he continues to write, teach and perform, mostly he appreciates his work for the many inspiring people it allows him to meet.

For further information on Tawona's work under the UNESCO project, please see the Events pages

Tawona Sitholé performs A Guide to the Traveller from Showman Media (2014).