‌‌‌UK VLN Research Activities

All of our members are actively engaged in rotorcraft research, attracting funding from a variety of sources including Aerospace Technology Institute, Horizon 2020 and EPSRC. Activities of UK VLN itself have been funded by an EPSRC Network Grant, which commenced on 1st April 2015 (EP/M018164/1) and ended on 30th March 2018. As part of the network grant, the UK VLN ran an annual Technical Research Workshop, which provides vertical lift research groups from the member universities the opportuniy to present and discuss their research in a lively but local forum. All members regularly present at international rotorcraft and aerospace science conferences both in Europe and the US and publish their research in worl-leading, peer-reviewed journals.

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Recently Funded Research

Recent funding successes within the UK VLN include:

  • February 2017: University of Bristol, succeeded in attracting funds via the Horizon 2020 EU programme for a project on rotors with active camber.
  • January 2017: "NITROS Network for Innovative Training on Rotorcraft Safety, a Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Action Joint European Doctorate on Rotorcraft Safety", funded under Horizon 2020, with Leonardo Helicopters as partner. The project also has the universities of Glasgow and Liverpool listed as partners.

Datasets of Vertical Lift Research for Sharing

The following are links to experimental data from the UKVLN members, computer codes, databases etc. These are public domain datasets that are available to interested parties. Please attribute authors / data source accordingly.

  • "Investigation of the Rotor-Obstacle Aerodynamic Interaction in Hovering Flight". Zagaglia, D. and Pickles, D. and Giuni, M and Green, R. 2017. Data available here.
  • "Dynamic Stall Database R and D 1570-AM-101: Final Report". Green, R. and Giuni M.. 2017. Data available here.

Recent Conference Presentations

The UK VLN is represented at the two major rotorcraft and vertical conferences. Conference papers can be downloaded from the below links:

  • European Rotorcraft Forum, runs annually in September rotating around 7 countries. Papers can be downloaded from here.
  • The Vertical Flight Society (formerly American Helicopter Society) Forum, runs annually in May in the U.S. Papers can be purchased or for attendees dowloaded from here

Technical Workshops

The UK VLN has organised two technical workshops so far, featuring a broad range of vertical lift research. The technical workshops generally take place over two days in a country retreat, giving the network members the opportunity to bond, exchange ideas and ultimately promote the vertical lift research sector. 

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