The UKVLN meets bimonthly, usually in the final week of the month, to discuss new funding opportunities, make progress on current proposals, provide and discuss updates on collaborative projects, evaluate bids for membership, and plan training events and other promotional activities. If you would like to become a member of the UKVLN please get in touch.

Upcoming Events:

7th November VLN meeting No. 23 Leonardo Helicopters, London


Past Events:

September 2018 44th European Rotorcraft Forum, Delft, Netherlands
May 2018 74th American Helicopter Society Forum, Phoenix, Arizona
February 2018 6th UK VLN Training Event, Leicester
September 2017 43rd European Rotorcraft Forum, Milan
July 2017 5th UK VLN Training Event, Bristol
May 2017 3rd UK VLN Technical Workshop, Cheshire
May 2017 73rd American Helicopter Society Forum, Fort Worth, Texas
February 2017 4th UK VLN Training Event, Liverpool 
September 2016 42nd European Rotorcraft Forum, Lille
June 2016 3rd UK VLN Training Event, Liverpool 
May 2016 72nd American Helicopter Society Forum, West Palm Beach
May 2016 2nd UK VLN Technical Workshop, Cheshire
February 2016 2nd UK VLN Training Event, Manchester
November 2015 1st UK VLN Training Event, Glasgow
September 2015 41st European Rotocraft Forum, Munich
May 2015 71st American Helicopter Society Forum, Virginia Beach
April 2015 1st UK VLN Technical Workshop, Cheshire
May 2014 70th American Helicopter Society Forum, Montreal
September 2014 40th European Rotorcraft Forum, Southampton


Past Meetings:

27th June 2018 Webex
21st March 2018 Leonardo, London
6th December 2017 University of Leicester
19th September 2017 Cranfield University
29th June 2017 University of Bath
22nd May 2017 Shrigley Hall, Cheshire
24th February 2017 Leonardo, Yeovil
15th November 2016 ARA, Bedford
10th August 2016 Webex
9th May 2016 Shrigley Hall, Cheshire
10th Feb 2016 University of Leicester
16th Dec 2015 University of Glasgow
14th Oct 2015 University of Bristol
8th Sep 2015 Webex
10th June 2015 AgustaWestland, Yeovil
10th April 2015 Nunsmere Hall, Cheshire
19th January 2015 ATI, Cranfield University
28th October 2014 Cranfield University
16th September 2014 University of Manchester
24th June 2014 ATI, Cranfield University
29th April 2014 University of Liverpool
24th February 2014 ADS, London
13th December 2014 ATI, Cranfield University