Science For A Successful Nation 2018

The Sonopill team won the opportunity to present their work at the EPSRC Science for a Successful Nation showcase, promoting the importance of EPSRC investments in increasing prosperity in the UK. The meeting, held in the Royal Society in London, was attended by government policy makers, industry leaders, and researchers.

Our team demonstrated the use of our clinical robot in controlling an endoscopic capsule, and how this will enable less invasive investigation of diseases in the digestive system.

 Exhibition being set up

The exhibit being setup by James and Holly.

Visitors to the exhibit

Visitors to the exhibit chat with Prof Inke Nathke.

Some of the support materials for the exhibit

Additional exhibit materials.

Visitors discuss the robot with Prof Sandy Cochran and James Martin.

The robot controlling the capsule.

First published: 23 January 2018