Postgraduate Studies

Glasgow University’s internationally acknowledged strengths across Scottish and Celtic Studies offer you the exciting opportunity to engage in advanced study of Scotland’s history, culture and languages, as well as Celtic studies more broadly, in a vibrant city boasting unrivalled access to Scottish historical and cultural resources.

We offer the following taught degree programmes:

We also offer postgraduate research opportunities:

Archaeology current Research Students



Barnes, Jamie

Of Warriors and Beasts: Viking Age interactions between the Kingdoms of Strathclyde and Northumbria

Bokute, Aurime

Arran and the Anthropocene: the value of a deep time perspective on landscape for new envrionmental futures

Calvert, Marnie

The biographical journey of Langdale axes

Clifford, Kathleen

Roman military vici in Scotland

Conaghan, Mark

Analysing the impact and effect of German air raids over Glasgow in WWII

Davis, Tom

Animals in Viking Paganism

Erskine, Neil

Movement, Routines, and Religiosity in the Ancient Near East

Hay, Michelle

Development of a novel ancient pathogen DNA protocol to aid in identifying and understanding the impact of vector-borne diseases in relation to Viking movements and migrations circa 800-1000 AD

Innes, Marta

Scottish bronze age food vessel corpus - a contextual re-evaluation

Johnson, Catherine

Text, Style, and Form in the Construction of Personal Identity in Britain and Ireland, c.500 to 1100 AD

Jolicoeur, Patrick

Cultural Contacts and Exchange in the Arctic: AD700-1500

Kasten, Megan

The Govan Stones: A Digital Corpus of the Early Medieval Sculpture

Loges, Luise

Cultural commodities during politics crises

Morrison, Andrew

Viking and Norse tools and craftworking

Neil, Rebecca

How did the Gupta Dynasty expand and control their empire through diplomatic strategy?

Oliver, Mar

Data integration for North Atlantic human ecodynamics

Perruchini, Elsa

Consuming Identities in the ‘Cradle of Civilizations’ – Food Consumption and the Emergence of Social Complexity in Greater Mesopotamia 

Sorotou, Aphrodite

Integrated Landscape Approaches: The Role of Archaeology in Landscape Methodologies and Policies in Greece

Telford, Denise

Mainland Scotland in the Early Neolithic: Rewriting Unspoken Narratives and Invisible Characters into Early Prehistory

Vaquero, Pablo

Data integration for North Atlantic human ecodynamics research

Wallace, Ross

Leaving your mark in History. The masons marks of castles and
defended houses of Scotland.

Watson, Andrew

A phenomenological study of the Cotswold-Seven megalithic long barrows

Celtic & Gaelic current Research Students

Myra Booth-Cockcroft
The worlds of patron and scribe: examining the literary and historical context of Llyfr Goch Hergest (PhD)

Sofia Evemalm-Kalamakis
Identifying and contextualising place-names containing personal names in the Western and Northern Isles: a comparative survey with reference to mainland Scotland and Scandinavia. (PhD)

Danielle Fatzinger
An exploration of ramantic tales in Scottish manuscripts and editions of Gabhaltais Shearluis Mhoir and Sgeala Muice Meic Dha Tho (PhD)

Joan Marie Gallagher
Chwedyl Iarlles y Ffynnawn as a ‘native' tale: exploring Chwedyl Iarlles y Ffynnawn in its literary, social and manuscript context. (PhD)

Ruairidh MacIver
The Gaelic poet and the British military experience: 1756-1914. (PhD)

Gordon MacKenzie
Minority language media, status planning & linguistic attitudes in Scotland:the attitudinal impact of BBC ALBA. (MLitt)

Martina Maher
The Death of Finn (PhD)

Viktoria Marker
Litreachas Gaidhlig a Sealann Nuadh (MPhil by Research)

Carolyn McNamara
Cultural Continuum: Living astride the North Channel (PhD)

Andrew McQuaid
Defining the genre of tecosc ríg in early medieval Ireland in its historical context. (PhD)

O'Siadhail, Marcas
Rannsachadh coimeasach air na h-aithrisean a rinn na eileanaich air trèigsinn nan eileanan ann an Èirinn agus ann an Albainn anns an fhicheadamh linn (MRes)

Max Quaintmere
Memory and the Ulster Cycle. (PhD)

Cynthia Thickpenny
Key-Pattern in Insular Art: Unlocking Regional Connections and Cultural History, AD 600-1000 (pHd)

Research students in other subject areas co-supervised by staff in Celtic and Gaelic:

  • Niall Bartlett (History)
  • Calum Cameron-White (History)
  • Ross Crawford (History)
  • Alice Crook (English Language)
  • Leonie Dunlop (English Language)
  • Sean Kavanagh (History)
  • Tom MacAilpein (History)
  • Coinneach MacLean (Education)

Scottish History current Research Students

  • Niall Bartlett, 'The isle of Lewis during the proprietorship of James Matheson, 1844-1879'
  • Brian Brennan, 'The Kennedy family and the Earls of Cassillis'
  • Andrew Bull, 'The music of the Scottish church in the 13th and 14th centuries'
  • Calum Cameron-White, 'The Life of John Murdoch, Land Reformer'
  • Laura Doak, 'Popular Politics and Political Culture in Scotland from the Restoration to the Revolution'
  • Paul Goatman, 'Politics and society in early seventeenth-century Glasgow'
  • Julie Holder, 'Collecting the Nation: Scottish history, patriotism and antiquarianism after Scott (1832-1891)'
  • James Kearney, 'A Critical Edition of the Letters of James VI, c. 1574-1603'
  • Jamie Kelly, 'The Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, 1709-1872: Education, Language, Religion and Governance in the post-1707 British State and Empire'
  • Andrew Lind, 'Understanding Royalism and Allegiance to the Crown in Early Modern Scotland'
  • Jamie McDougall, 'The Solemn League & Covenant in Scottish Political Culture'
  • Lawrence Mills, 'The History of the University of Glasgow, 1630-1714'
  • Charles Mitchell, 'An Introduction to Four Scottish Latin Histories of the 16th Century'
  • Lachlan Munro, 'The Scottish Heritage and Political Legacy of R. B. Cunninghame Graham'
  • Edwin Sheffield, 'Highland Clan Perspectives on Restoration Scotland'
  • Joanna Tucker, 'Understanding Scribal Interactions and Manuscript Growth in two Medieval Scottish Cartularies'

Scottish Literature current Research Students

  • Joe Bouch, 'Janice Galloway: The Nuisance and Disturbance of the Outsider'
  • Julie Briand, 'Deleuzian Acts: Separations and Intimate connections in the Novels of Irvine Welsh'
  • Nia Clark, 'Self, Mirrors, and Others: Poetry, Voices and Plays in the Work of Liz Lochhead'
  • Joanna DuRant, 'Reconsidering Maria Riddell' (MPhil)
  • Kevin Gallagher, 'Teh Scottish Modernist Reception of Robert Burns' (MPhil)
  • Sarah Hamlin, 'Writers, Rhetoric and the 2014 Scottish Referendum'
  • Moira Hansen, '"Melancholy and low spirits are half my disease": Physical and Mental Health in the Life of Robert Burns'
  • Gina Lyle, 'Mothers of Self-Invention: Identity Formation of "Motherless" Daughters in Contemporary Scottish Women's Writing' (MPhil)
  • Lorna MacBean, 'The Verse of William Lithgow: A Reappraisal'
  • Stuart MacBeath, 'George Mackay Brown and Socialism from the Margins of Society' (MPhil)
  • Martin McCandlish, 'Translating the Mearns: Tracing the Urban Narrative Voice through Gibbon to Kelman to Welsh' (MPhil)
  • Kirsty McRoberts, 'The Eldritch Lyrics'
  • Philippa Osmand-Williams,'Forms and Genres of Love in the Collected Works, Private Letters and Scrapbooks of Edwin Morgan'
  • Emily Pickard, 'The Underworlds of Feeling: Examining Ballad Influence on Modern and Postmodern Women Writers'
  • Hannah Pyle, 'An Evaluation of James Hogg's use of the Double to Explore the Construction of Identity in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Scotland' (MPhil)
  • Zoe Strachan, 'Lips That Touch, a Novel and Tiny Jubliations, a Critical Essay Exploring Photography, Fiction and Inspiration'
  • Heather Wells, 'Can the Drama of Late Seventeenth-Century Scotland be considered as Restoration Comedies?' (MPhil)