Staff at SCENE

Director - Professor Colin Adams 

Colin is the director of SCENE and largely responsible for its transformation into the world class facility that it is today. His research interests encompass a variety of aspects surronding fish ecology.

This includes programmes of investigation into:

  • the biology of the Arctic Charr
  • the early evolutionary process leading to polymorphism in fishes
  • the impact of new species introductions into freshwater systems
  • life-history strategies in salmonid fishes



Research Manager - Dr. Matt Newton

Matt is responsible for the day to day running of the facility and for providing support to students. Matt has extensive experience in acoustic and radio telemetry through his research and previous contracts with Beatrice Offshore Wind and Aberdeen Harbour.

He has been based at the fieldstation since 2012, completing his PhD before undertaking a number of Post-Doc projects and now providing core support and advice for a variety of projects based at SCENE


Technician - Nicol McCallum

Nic is the field technician at SCENE and responsible for facility and equipment maintenance alongside teaching and research support.Nicol McCallum

He graduated with an MSc from the University of Glasgow before spending seven years as a hydrographic surveyor. This role took him from windfarm development in the North Sea, to environmental baseline surveys in West Africa and Brazil and included specialisation in deep-water AUV survey and multibeam sonar survey.

Having started at the field station in 2018, he brings with him a wealth of experience in field work and research from his years in academia and as a surveyor.