Postgraduate Cluster

The postgraduate cluster welcomes PhD and Masters students working on human rights from any discipline. The Postgraduate Cluster has been active since the Network's formation in 2011, engaging in a range of activities.

We hosted the second Postgraduate Conference on 8 November 2017 in collaboration with University of London and University of Essex, for a Glasgow-London-Essex network of human rights research in which there is ongoing involvement. 

Further activities since 2017 have included a Researcher Development Workshop on 16 July 2018, with expert presentations on research grant applications and employment possibilities.

There is a Glasgow Human Rights Network Postgraduate Cluster social media site that is used to circulate information.  

You can fnd out more about the research our current members  are involved in by visiting our PhD Research Projects section.

For more information and to get involved, please contact the cluster convenor:

  • Isabel Rodríguez Toribio, PhD student in Politics, University of Glasgow (email 

PhD Student Members of the GHRN Postgraduate Cluster include:

  • Hannah Gracher (Politics, UoG)
  • Isabel Rodríguez Toribio (Politics, UoG) Cooperating to Cut it off at the Source? The International Community and The Fight Against Terrorist Financing.
  • Marisa McVey (Management, St Andrews) Constructing Corporate Accountability for Human Rights - Utilising the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • Rachel Clive (Culture and Creative Arts) Geodiversity and Human Difference: The Panarchy Projects 
  • Molly Gilmour (Sociology, UoG) How can we strengthen emergency healthcare for forced migrants situated on the edges of Europe?
  • Helene Gron (Culture and Creative Arts) Migration and Home/lessness: Playwriting in a Globalised World
  • David Jofré (Politics, UoG) Social movements and media practices in changing media ecology: The case of environmental and LGBTI+ activists in Chile 
  • Oisín Kealy (Theatre, Film and TV, UoG) Human Rights Film Festivals in South America
  • Anika Marschall (Theatre Studies) Performing Human Rights – Artistic Interventions into European Asylum
  • Elli Meleti (Management, UoG) Relational coordination is based on relationships between roles that are supported by organizational structures, thus increasing sustainability
  • Kumud Rana (Sociology, UoG; former Co-Convenor of the PG Cluster) Queer Resistance in Times of Revolution: A case study of the LGBT+ movement in Nepal.

If you are a PhD student working in relation to human rights who would like to be a member and be added to this list, email info as above and a website linke if possible to the GHRN Co-Convenor, or