Isabel Rodríguez Toribio


Research title: Cooperating to Cut it off at the Source? The International Community and The Fight Against Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering.

Research Summary

Research Interests

  • International Relations
  • International cooperation, institutions, and IOs
  • Security Studies
  • Governance
  • Public Policy
  • Business and Government Policy
  • International political economy
  • Illicit financial flows, terrorism financing, money laundering, proliferation financing
  • Terrorism, counter-terrorism & homeland security
  • Cybersecurity, cybercrime, FinTech


College of Social Sciences PhD Scholarship 2018-2021

Additional Information


Isabel is a PhD candidate in Politics at University of Glasgow since 2018, when she was awarded the three years College of Social Sciences PhD Scholarship (2018-2021). Isabel graduated with Merit from the Master of Research (MRES) in Human Rights and International Politics at the University of Glasgow in 2017, where her dissertation was graded with distinction.

After completing her MRes, Isabel successfully applied for an internship with the Spanish Permanent Mission to the United Nations and International Organizations based in Vienna. There, she worked with the Counsellor for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) by conducting research work, writing reports and attending meetings. She specialized on UNODC topics, participating in several Expert Working Groups, the 27th Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, and in conferences within the mandate of the UN Convention Against Corruption, the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, and the Global Programme against Money Laundering, Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism.

Prior to arriving in Glasgow, Isabel simultaneously completed two undergraduate degrees at the Carlos III University of Madrid: a BA in Journalism and a BA in Film, Television and Media.  She has subsequently published the dissertation she produced for her BA in Journalism as an article in a scholarly journal. Isabel received three rewards for academic excellence during her undergraduate studies. She has also held internships with the BBC Work Experience Programme, with a local radio station in Coventry, and with the international news agency Agencia EFE.

Other roles:

Co-Convenor of the Glasgow Human Rights Network Postgraduate Cluster