Rachel Clive

Research title: Geodiversity and human difference: disability, landscape form and process

Research Summary

My practice-based research at the University of Glasgow works across the College of Arts (Theatre Studies), the College of Social Sciences (Disability Studies) and the College of Science and Engineering (Cultural Geography and Geology). The research is primarily interested in developing new understanding and accounts of the relationships between humans and environments, with a particular focus on relationships between neurodiversity and geodiversity. It aims to help with the construction of a bridge between the environmental and disability movements, through developing a "normally different" (neurodivergent led) ecological performance practice which actively explores lived experiences of and relationships with landscape forms and processes.

I am particularly interested in:

  • bodyworlding/intercorporeality/synaesthesia
  • public-space arts work/landscape practices
  • science-art collaborations
  • ethics, activism and aesthetics
  • power-nature-work discourses

My theatre practice is particularly interested in the potentials of dialogical theatre, affect and relationality to explore the traditional performer/spectator divide in order to promote human (and environmental) flourishing.

I am currently focussing on developing a dramaturgy of confluence which is questioning dominant discourses of difference and exploring practices of interdependency.


  • LKAS PhD Studentship


Negligence and Performances of Care, Glasgow New Scholars Theatre Research seminar, University of Glasgow, Jan 2017

Survival Methods in a Post Truth World, TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research) symposium, University of Leeds, Feb 2017

Panarchy (1): Riverings - Materials, Meetings, Musings,  “Performance, Ecology, Heritage Hub” launch, University of Glasgow, May 2018

Panarchy 1: Riverings, RGIS (Royal Geographical International Society) conference (Postgraduate Snapshots session), University of Cardiff, August 2018

Panarchy 2: Rivearthings, TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research) conference (Bodies and Performance Working Group), University of Aberystwyth, September 2018

Risk, Resistance and Agency: How can performance work open productive dialogue across disability and environmental discourses? Centre for Disability Research (Disability Studies: Developing Theory, Researching Policy and Practice seminar), University of Glasgow, Jan 2019

Rivers, Risk and Resistance: Towards a Panarchic Performance Practice, HGRG (Human Geography Research Group) Testing Ground seminar, University of Glasgow, Feb 2019

pAnarchy, Our Space, our Place: Creating Ecofeminism Symposium, Glasgow Women’s Library, March 2019

Panarchies 1-3, George Ewart Evans “Storytelling and the Environment” International Symposium, South Wales Univesity, Cardiff, April 2019

Panarchy: River Rings and River Risks, Scottish Centre for Geopoetics “Expressing the Earth” conference, Wiston Lodge, Biggar, June 2019

Panarchy: Risk, Resistance and Agency, CCDS  International Conference on Educational, Cultural, and Disability Studies, Liverpool Hope University, July 2019


  • Applied Theatre
  • Theatre Research Methods

Additional Information


I am a freelance theatre practitioner, arts facilitator and writer with a particular interest in cross-art-form collaborative working practices. I have an MA (with Distinction) in Arts and Social Contexts from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and a PGCE (with Distinction) from the University of Strathclyde. I have worked, and made theatre/art with people in many diverse contexts as well as theatre and arts contexts, including prisons, schools, gardens, colleges, museums, resource centres, residential establishments and festivals. https://rachoclyde.wixsite.com/rachelclive-projects

I founded and led Theatre Arts Group, an experimental theatre ensemble for people with and without learning disabilities based at Tramway, Glasgow’s international art-house, and have worked for a wide range of organisations including Lapidus Scotland (Creative Words for Health and Well-Being), National Youth Theatre (I project managed and co-led their Scottish Open Access work for three years), and the Citizens' Theatre (helping establish and co-leading their integrated learning disability theatre work).

Practice research

  • 'The Chancellor’s Fund Green-Blue-Grey Campus/Rain Garden Project' - an art-science public engagement project using creative art-science methodologies to explore, devise and test strategies for successfully integrating Green-Blue-Grey infrastructure with specific reference to the sustainable design features of the ongoing University of Glasgow campus redevelopment. The project engaged with diverse publics who access / live / work in relationship with the university campus redevelopment site, including local residents, students, passers-by, tourists and workers.  See http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/197357/ and http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/198503/ See https://performanceecologyheritage.wordpress.com/portfolio/panarchy/
  • 'The Panarchy Projects' (ongoing) - a series of ecological (river-based) performance projects exploring and developing connections between humans, rivers, flood events and processes of adaptation and change. The Panarchy Projects are neurodivergent led and developing in relationship with three major rivers (the Clyde/ the Severn/ the Forth) and the earth that these rivers interact with. In collaboration with multiple partners and across multiple scales (individual/ interpersonal/ organisational/ political) they are creating and testing a new model of ecological performance practice called the Performic Cycle. The research is contributing to flood risk management discourses and policy development as well as to wider neurodiversity, ecological and performance practice discourses. See https://performanceecologyheritage.wordpress.com/portfolio/panarchy/ and https://thepolyphony.org/2018/10/09/neurology-meets-geomorphology-panarchy-2-rivearthings-a-performance-project/
  • "The Trick is to Keep Writing" a project and programme of events between Lapidus Scotland and the University of Glasgow, exploring connections between creative writing and mental health.
  • "Between Care and Control: Creative Spaces, Challenges and Change", a research project at the RCS bringing learning disabled and non learning disabled people together to identify ways forward nationally for disability arts policy and practice.
  • "Prison labels, stigma and hope," a theatre practice research project at Glenochil Prison, in collaboration with the College Development Network and Education Scotland, to explore sex offenders anxieties/experiences of labelling and stigmatisation, bringing a variety of stakeholders together to discuss practical and emotional strategies to support rehabilitation.