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The Values to Virtues Project

Information for Participants

At the Values to Virtues project, our team of researchers from Glasgow, Liverpool and Rome are interested in the values, morals, and attitudes that people develop when they're young. We want to understand where these values come from, the role they play in young people’s lives, and the influence that family, friends, and schools have in shaping our perception of values. We are also interested in how young people perceive values education, their attitudes to the ethos of their school and their relationships with staff.

We have a developed several research methods to help us explore these issues. By joining the Values to Virtues project as a participant, we hope to challenge you to think about what matters to you and the values that you live your life by.

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We hope these pages go some way in describing our research and that you’re interested in connecting with us. The work we do is, by design, collaborative, non-judgmental and is predicated on listening to and understanding the dilemmas and challenges that staff and pupils negotiate on a daily basis. 

For queries or to register your interest in the project please email: