The centre is a cross-institute and cross-college organization designed to synthesize the expertise and activities of a group of researchers interested in both the clinical and ecological health of populations and ecosystems, with a common interest in quantifying, modelling, and describing ecological and epidemiological processes rather than any particular focus on individual disciplines or taxonomic groups.

We are a relatively small and close-knit group of about twenty principal investigators, a similar number of post-docs and research fellows, and slightly more graduate students, who are nonetheless members of somewhere between eleven and twenty different organisations (depending on your definition). These include universities, RCUK research institutes and charities, with many of us having joint membership of and indeed core funding from multiple organisations, reflecting our multidisciplinary research interests. 

We bring together wide-ranging research projects from population and landscape ecology and biodiversity, to epidemiology, immunology, and population genetics, but with particular strengths in modelling and quantitative analysis. Communication between the group members is excellent and facilitated by regular formal and informal meetings, problem-solving sessions, numerous joint collaborations, and a great deal of socializing. 

The Centre makes every attempt to be inclusive. Anyone who feels they might benefit from engaging with us and our range of activities is strongly encouraged to contact anyone in the Centre regarding joining.