ANTI-VeC has 762 members across 74 countries. The majority of our members come from the following countries:

Country Members
United Kingdom 197
Nigeria 50
Kenya 50
Burkina Faso 33
Cameroon 33
USA 31
Tanzania 28
Italy 26

You are an active member from the date of your online application submission, subject to the approval of the Network Executive Committee. Once your membership is approved, you will receive an email from the ANTI-VeC Admin Team. Please see the Terms & Conditions for more information.

Membership details

Please make sure that the information stored in your profile is up to date.

If the email address you provide during the registration process becomes invalid and emails sent to you by the Network Manager or the ANTI-VeC Admin Team, result in a Delivery Notification Status (failure) response, your membership will be considered to have lapsed and your details will be deleted from our databases.

If you wish to terminate your membership you should contact the Network Manager.

For a full membership list, please contact the Network Manager.

Michelle Connolly

ANTI-VeC Network Manager

E: Michelle.Connolly@glasgow.ac.uk / anti-vec-network@glasgow.ac.uk