It is accepted that the development of high-quality academic papers is a long-lasting process. However, standard setters and regulators are often keen to obtain evidence-based inputs, when the evidence is timely and directly relevant to the issues they tackle.

The Observatory aims to respond to this policy and practice-driven need by undertaking cutting-edge and highly topical research and offering a swift dissemination of the findings to the relevant stakeholders. In this way, the Observatory functions as a knowledge-sharing community between policy makers, industry, academic staff and students, leading to impact locally and globally.

The Observatory’s establishment reflects the Accounting and Finance Subject Group’s strong research culture and is aligned with the University’s world changing vision and transformation. It aims to contribute to the Adam Smith Business School’s vision to work towards being a top 50 global Business School within the next decade. Our vision at the Observatory is to develop into a large, international research centre which will foster strong collaborations with a number of leading Universities globally.

The establishment and initial activities of the Observatory were funded by the University of Glasgow Chancellor’s Fund and the Adam Smith Business School. This funding partially enables research projects co-funded by external parties (e.g. ICAS and ACCA) and the Wards Trust. It is envisaged that, in the longer-term, the quality of the impactful research and related activities will attract further funding of research projects from a variety of interested parties.