SNAPshots are a series of short summary guidance documents for teachers, parents and educators.  They can be used as a starting point for developing activities for highly able learners.

SNAP Shot 1

How do I increase challenge in the curriculum for highly able pupils?

SNAP Shot 2

Supporting pupils who are highly able and dyslexic.

SNAPShot 2 Greek translation

SNAP Shot 3

Challenging Able Musicians: Advice for non-specialists

SNAP Shot 4

What I would have liked my teachers to know and do.

SNAP Shot 4 Chinese translation

SNAP Shot 4 French translation

SNAP Shot 5

Ambitions, expectations, aspirations:how to challenge at point of transition.

SNAP Shot 6

GIRFEC and Highly Able Pupils

SNAP Shot 7

Being highly able: What I would have liked my family to know and do.

SNAP Shot 8
The Scottish Education System and Highly Able Pupils.

SNAP Shot 9

Supporting Transition

SNAP Shot 10

Exploring Issues Surrounding High Ability and English as an Additional Language

SNAP Shot 11

High ability and the Travelling Community

SNAP Shot 12

High Ability and Ethnic Diversity

SNAP Shot 13

Strategies for meeting the Needs of Highly Able learners

SNAP Shot 14

Learning During and After Lockdown

SNAP Shot 15

Representation in Novels for Highly Able learners

SNAP Shot 16

Wee Beasties

SNAP Shot 17

Talking with Schools