Links for Parents and Carers

Links for Parents and Carers

Children don’t come with handbooks and parenting is no easy task. Stephanie Tolan, herself a parent of a highly able child, says raising a profoundly gifted child can be agony, ecstasy, and everything in between. It seems to us that this is true when raising any child! As for any child, highly able children have to be supported and cared for in their home environment.

Some parents will have been aware from an early age that their child was able to things earlier than expected. Others will be completely surprised that their child has shown aptitude for activities and will need time to come to terms with what this means.

Over the coming months we will be developing this section of our website. We will post contributions from parents of highly able pupils. If you would like to contribute, please email us at

We offer support and advice to parents, particularly relating to the Scottish education system – email or call us 0141 330 8650 if you would like to talk further.

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