Student accommodation

Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation for each mobility stage of the programme. 

We will provide some guidance, but students should be proactive in looking for accommodation in advance of starting mobilities. Most partner universities have accommodation services where you can seek additional advice.

Universidade de Lisboa - Semester 1

In Lisbon (Semester 1 and Semester 4), there are three public universities, a public polytechnic and several private universities, hence an abundance of private accommodation for students. However, in addition, ISCTE has a residence for students located in Lisbon’s city center while FLUL has 19 residences for students in the capital. Halls of Residence are subject to the payment of a monthly fee, and vacancies in the Halls will be reserved for EMJM students.

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IESA Arts and Culture PARIS - Semester 2

IESA Arts & Culture, Paris (Semester 2 and Semester 4) has agreements with several companies specialised in short-term accommodation. Students receive a list of options to choose from: staying with a Parisian host family, getting a shared room in a students' residence, single occupancy furnished studios, and shared apartments. Many of these housing opportunities are in close proximity to IESA Arts and Culture. The staff for international programmes will direct students according to their preferences.

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Summer and winter schools

For the summer or winter schools, on-campus accommodation is automatically arranged for the two-week period by the host institution involved (Hunterian [at UofG] or Tata Institute of Social Sciences).

Erasmus University Rotterdam - Semester 3

Erasmus University Rotterdam (Semester 3 and Semester 4) has on-campus and off-campus accommodation available to EMJM students. On-campus housing cannot be guaranteed unless for students with special needs/disabilities. However, the Housing Office provides guidance in finding a room in the private sector in Rotterdam as well.

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University of Glasgow - Semester 4 option 

Where possible, the MAGMa Administrator at UofG will inform students about accommodation that has been reserved for MAGMa students in postgraduate private student accommodation, so that MAGMa students can live close to each other, should they wish to.