Testimonial by CLMC 2019 alumni Katja Schreiber

CLMC 2019 Student

The CLMC master’s programme was a life-changing experience for me. Each university and location offered unique learning opportunities that I will cherish forever. I was able to grow a network of friends and contacts in children’s publishing across Europe, South America, and Asia. My supervisor supported me in publishing my work in the children’s literature journal The Lion and the Unicorn, and alongside my peers I spoke at conferences such as the 37th IBBY World Congress in Moscow. Now that I have graduated, I feel supported and confident in advancing my career as an aspiring writer, illustrator, and educator.

Testimonial by CLMC 2019 alumni Shivali Moda

A wonderful concoction of children’s literature, media and culture, CLMC is a truly cross-disciplinary degree that equips one with a well rounded perspective of the field. The opportunity to engage with children's book and media cultures from at least three different countries is as enriching as an experience can get. I am grateful to be able to utilise the knowledge and skills I picked up from the programme in my current roles as Communications Co-ordinator for Novel Entertainment - a children's media production house based in Oxford, and for 2050 Climate Group - a youth-centered climate charity in Scotland

Testimonial by CLMC 2019 Alumni Sonali Kulkarni

Receiving the Erasmus Mundus scholarship to undertake the CLMC programme was such a defining moment in my life and something I will be grateful for forever. Studying in three different countries with extraordinary professors and peers from all over the world is truly as rewarding and exciting as it sounds. It gave me the opportunity to solidify my research interests and begin building a career in academia. Now that I am on the CLMC teaching team, I have the absolute privilege of witnessing the expertise and passion behind the programme and every single class taught in it. If I could, I would do CLMC all over again!