2020 CLMC Student Luxin Yin

Published: 28 March 2023

Testimonial by 2020 CLMC Student Luxin Yin

Being a part of the CLMC is like joining a diverse and inclusive family where cultural, political, and racial boundaries are transcended. This chosen extended family has provided me with lifelong friendships and rewarding experiences that emphasize not only academic training but also the real-world implications of our research. Reflecting on my time in Wroclaw, I am immensely grateful for the openness and support of my supervisor, Justyna, and my fellow peers. Their encouragement has led me to explore interdisciplinary studies in healthcare, narrative medicine, and children's life narratives, ultimately shaping my current role as a graduate student and research associate at The Ohio State University. The CLMC experience has been an invaluable stepping stone in my academic and personal journey, leaving a lasting impact on my life and future endeavors.

First published: 28 March 2023