Rowan Durrant


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Research title: Metapopulations and infectious disease dynamics

Research Summary

Research Summary

My PhD project focuses on developing mathematical methods to explore the transmission and evolution of canine rabies in Tanzania. The first chapter of my thesis aims to elucidate whether rabies' long latent periods violate the molecular clock model, and whether there is a better way of measuring RABV evolution. Future planned chapters include predicting viral lineage emergence rates and outbreak sizes.


Funding: EPSRC/MVLS PhD studentship


Academic History

2021 - present: PhD Infectious Diseases - University of Glasgow - "Metapopulations and infectious disease dynamics"

2019 - 2020: MRes Biosciences - Swansea University - "Factors driving the spread of Devil Facial Tumour Disease on a regional scale"

2016 - 2019: BSc Genetics - Swansea University - "A statistical model to simulate scrapie outbreaks in sheep (Ovis aries)"


9th - 11th November 2022 - Virus Genomics and Evolution. "Determining the relationship between time, transmission and the evolution of rabies virus".