Qiao Dai


Research title: How Chinese women in British Higher Education make sense of womanhood.

Research Summary

Current research 

My PhD research explores how Chinese women in British Higher Education make sense of womanhood over time.

Research interests 

  • Gender, class and ethnicity 
  • Internatioanlization of Higher Education
  • Social justice



  • 02.2021 to date, Graduate teaching assistant, LEADS, University of Glasgow 
  • 02.2021 to date, Part-time EPQ research tutor, Illume Technology
  • 09.2019-07.2020, English teacher and educational administrator, Chengdu Bekids Consultant Co., Ltd, Chengdu
  • 09.2018-05.2020, Part-time learning mentor, EIC Education, Glasgow
  • 02.2017-08.2017, Teacher (educational theories), Chengdu Modern Vocational and Technical School, Chengdu
  • 07.2015-01.2017, Intern English teacher, Eton House International School, Chengdu

Additional Information

  • 2020 to date, PhD in Education, University of Glasgow, 
  • 2018-2019, Master of Science: Educational Studies, University of Glasgow
  • 2017-2018, Pre-Master's for Law and Social Sciences, Glasgow International College
  • 2012-2016, Bachelor of Arts: Preschool Education, Sichuan Normal University