Lina Seidlitz

Research title: A multi-level testing of the effectiveness of gender diversity practices in UK higher education

Research Summary

Lina specialises in gender equality and diversity in organisations. In her PhD, Lina takes a multi-level approach to investigate the effectiveness of gender equality and diversity policies. She is particularly interested in fairness perception and how it affects policy support/resistance. Although Lina is a predominantly quantitative researcher, she employs mixed research methods in her PhD research.

In addition to diversity, Lina’s other areas of interest include:

  • Work-life balance and well-being
  • Contemporary labour markets and their effect on employees
  • Research methods and statistics


Besides her PhD, Lina has been working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for the Adam Smith Business School (ASBS) and Student Learning Development (SLD) since 2021. 

Lina is a tutor on the following postgraduate courses:

  • People in Organisations (MGT5063/5282/5283/5284)
  • Managing Diversity in Organisations (MGT5054)
  • Research Methods (MGT5452P/5451P/5450P)
  • Project Methods (MGT5271P/5357P/5359P/5358P)

As part of her work for SLD, Lina is providing academic advice and teaching academic writing to under and postgraduate students from the Sciences and Social Sciences. She has also been a mentor to students, presenting at the multidisciplinary ‘Let’s talk about [X] conference’ since 2021. Additionally, as part of the university’s ‘Transition to Glasgow’ (T2G) initative, Lina has designed and delivered a 2-week introductory course to equality and diversity in organisations.

Lina's staff profile can be found here.

Additional Information

Lina joined the ASBS as a doctoral researcher in 2021. With a multidisciplinary background, Lina holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Liverpool, an MSc in Public Policy and Global Health from the University of Durham, and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations from Warwick Business School. In addition to this, she recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Management Research Methods at Glasgow while studying for her PhD.


Lina’s detailed CV can be found here: