Chiara Howe

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Research title: The Post-Transcendentalist Poetics of Walt Whitman

Research Summary

Walt Whitman's Post-Transcendentalist Poetics of New York 

My research takes Whitman’s New York-inflected transcendentalism as a geocultural phenomenon of New England transcendentalism. I consider how to place Whitman’s transcendentalist poetics on a continuum of transcendentalist philosophies with a view to characterising a distinctive New Yorker flavour of transcendentalism.


Gordon Studentship, Andrew Hook Centre for American Studies (2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21)



1B The Novel and Narratology 2019-20

Additional Information


  • BrANCA (BritishAssociation NineteenthCenturyAmericanists), BAAS (BritishAssociationforAmericanStudies), Walt Whitman Initiative