Dusting down the pipes of tradition

The service at the University of Glasgow Chapel this Sunday will mark the introduction of the newly refurbished Chapel Organ and the installation of the Chapel's first baptismal font.

The refurbishment of the organ involved the renovation of the pipes, the console (where the organist sits), the ivory fittings and the installation of a state of the art digital transmission and memory device by which the organ can "play itself" through a computer - an invaluable aid for teaching.

Built by Henry Willis III, one of Britain's most distinguished organ builders, the University Chapel Organ was originally installed in 1928. After many years of constant use at daily worship, various concerts and thousands of weddings the organ urgently needed to be repaired and upgraded.

Internationally renowned organist Kevin Bowyer who will be playing at this Sunday's service said of the new organ: 'This instrument, abundant in colour and with a living character vastly more than the sum of its parts, is an inspiration to play. The act of performance becomes one of celebration and gratefulness'.

Also taking place at the Service will be the Dedication of the Chapel's first Baptismal Font, gifted from Dennistoun Blackfriars Parish Church. This congregation can trace historic roots to the University's earliest days.

Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie of the University Chapel said of the forthcoming service: "The Service whilst traditional in style reflects the spirituality which exists across the University community'.

Kate Richardson (K.richardson@admin.gla.ac.uk)

The Service takes place at 11am on Sunday 29 January 2006. All are welcome to attend.

For more information please contact the University Media Relations Office on 0141 330 3535 or Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie on 0141 330 4160

First published: 27 January 2006

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