Frequently Asked Questions

What is DAVIS?

DAVIS is an online platform that provides services, including vehicle licence checking, fleet management and driver risk assessments.

Why are we using DAVIS?

Justification: legal obligation on employers to ensure drivers are entitled to drive the vehicles they are using. Using this system frees up admin time within the University.

How is access to my information controlled at DAVIS?

Access to DAVIS system is controlled using encrypted passwords

Who manages the system?

Day to day management is carried out by the University.

How secure is my information?

DAVIS is accredited to ISO27001:2013 (best practice framework for an Information Security Management System) cert. number: 12749. 

DAVIS are Cyber Essentials Plus accredited requiring government approved external agency to test IT systems annually.

DAVIS is a member of ADLV (Association for Driving Licence Verification).

How can DAVIS access my driver information?

DAVIS have a contract with DVLA and use DVLA's ADD(Access to Driver Data) service, part of the Governments secure communications hub.

Who at DAVIS has access to my information?

Access to driver records is restricted to nominated administrators and designated support personnel. This is controlled by user name and password validation. Passwords are encrypted.

How long do DAVIS keep my data?

Drivers data is held for 7 years in line with DVLA contract.

Can DAVIS system be used to check identity?

DAVIS may only be used to check validity of driver records and licence entitlement. Access to driver records for identity checking is prohibited by DVLA.

Why is a licence check necessary?

To ensure the driver is entitled to drive during the course of their employment under the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.