Lecture recording

The lecture capture system we use at University of Glasgow is called Echo360.

For the start of the 2018-19 academic year, we are upgrading to the latest version of Echo360. This will change and improve some of the ways the platform is used, including how you add recordings to Moodle.

If you are already an Echo360 user (scheduler or instructor), your account will automatically move to the new system.

Book for teaching


  • If you know in advance that you want to record your lectures, contact your lead timetabler during the timetable preparation period (Feb to Apr) so your classes can be booked into a suitable room.
  • If you are teaching in a space which has lecture recording available and want your classes to be recorded, contact timetabling@glasgow.ac.uk so that this can be scheduled.


Book for ad-hoc use

  1. Book a space with lecture recording facilities - see Booking a room
  2. Complete the form below at least 5 working days before the event
  3. The Echo 360 team will contact you to discuss your requirements

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