How to sign up

Before you can get your free membership, please answer the following questions -

  • Are you an able and confident cyclist with up-to-date cycling skills?
  • Will you wear a cycling helmet and a high-visibility waistcoat/jacket or other reflective cycling gear if using a hire bike on University business?
  • When travelling on University business, will you consider the risks of cycling in dark or adverse weather conditions, and adapt your journey mode accordingly (which may mean you decide to travel by another mode than bicycle)?
  • Will you whenever possible choose cycle routes that are low on motor-traffic, quiet routes or dedicated cycle lanes to increase your safety when cycling?

If all of your answers to these questions are 'YES!' you can sign up for a free OVO bike membership now! 

Follow these steps to register -

  • Find the nextbike app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Sign up in the app or on the website:, register using your university email and confirm your email
  • Fill in your payment details and that’s it. You‘re ready to ride! 
  • Note: A £5 deposit is required. This is used to verify your information and becomes a credit on your account. Prepaid cards are NOT accepted

First Time Renting?

  • Simply open your app and check the map to find an
    OVO Bike.
  • Scan the QR code then enter the 4-digit code into the bike computer and remove the wheel bar to unlock it.
  • You will not be charged for the first 60 minutes of bike use, but have to pay any further usage cost as outlined here
  • To find out more about renting a bike, please visit:

Please note, that this offer does NOT include the use of nextbike e-bikes and that there is a separate pricing structure for them.