Expenses for mileage claims when using private bicycles on University business

Expenses for mileage claims when using private bicycles on University business

1.   University of Glasgow employees can reclaim a mileage allowance when travelling on University business by bicycle or motorbike.

2.   The mileage reclaim was introduced to encourage more staff to use their bicycles or motorbikes instead of cars for travelling to meetings, for site visits or between University sites, when distances allow so. It is hoped that this will also decrease car commuting from home to work and back, when the only reason for the employee to take the car is to attend a meeting during the working day.  

3.   The mileage rate is

  • For motorbikes: £0.24 per travelled mile
  • For bicycles: £0.20 per travelled mile (unless bicycle is purchased via Cycle Plus Scheme - then mileage cannot be claimed. For further clarification see CyclePlus FAQs.

4.   Users of the HR Payroll 'Core' system claim their mileage allowance in the same way as car users would do, following the Expenses Guide. For registration of the vehicle, which is in this case the privately-owned bicycle, enter '10 cc' for engine size.

5.   University staff who do not use HR Payroll 'Core' use the 'Motorcycle mileage form', which can be downloaded from here. A drop-down menu in the cell 'Type of transport' enables you to choose between bicycle and motorbike. After completing the form, the claim is made in the same way as car mileage allowance and any other expenses claims. 

6.   Qualifying travel (travel on University business) excludes commuting from home to work and back, but includes travel between different university sites (e.g. the two main campuses), travel to meetings etc. More details can be found on the 'Motorcycle mileage form'.

7.   Some examples for distances from Gilmorehill Campus (one-way):

  • To Tay House: 1.3 mile
  • To George Square: 2.5 miles
  • To Central Station: 2.5 miles
  • To Garscube Campus: 4 miles