Erasmus+ traineeship

Erasmus+ traineeships provide grants to students to work, train or volunteer in Europe. 

Working abroad will kick start your professional career and develop your global mindset. Take advantage of Erasmus+ and stand out to future employers.

The UK's involvement in Erasmus+ will end on 31 May 2023. Funding is available to support the traineeship opportunities below in Europe taking place before this date.

Which subjects support traineeships?

The following subjects support Erasmus+ traineeships as either an integrated part of their degree structure, or as relevant work experience additional to their degree requirements. Applications for a summer traineeship will be considered from all disciplines, provided they meet the eligibility criteria and have full support of their subject.

  • Chemistry (full year, depending on degree path)
  • Physics (summer)
  • Mathematics (summer)
  • School of Modern Languages (full year; 3rd term out for students taking two languages at Joint Honours)
  • Psychology (summer)
  • Engineering (MEng students; June – December)
  • Life Sciences (full year, depending upon degree path)
  • Law

What areas can I work in?

Your traineeship can normally be a lab placement or a project in any of the following environments:

  • a vocational education school / institute / centre
  • a public or private, a small, medium or large enterprise (including social enterprises)
  • a social partner or other representative of working life, including chambers of commerce, craft / professional associations and trade unions 
  • a public body at local, regional or national level
  • a research institute
  • a foundation
  • a school / institute / educational centre
  • a non-profit organisation, association, NGO
  • any other appropriate host organisation as confirmed and approved by your subject coordinator

Which countries can I undertake a traineeship in?

You can complete an Erasmus+ traineeship in any of the participating Erasmus+ EU and non-EU programme countries.

Regardless of environment/activity, your host must be a formally registered enterprise/institution in the country to which you are going.

Will I receive funding?

Selected students will receive Erasmus+ grant funding as a contribution to living and travel costs.