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The Go Abroad programme offers hundreds of exchange partnerships. To find out what's available, use search criteria such as destination country or subject.

Language Year Abroad
Not all University-wide destinations are suitable for Language Year Abroad students. International opportunities are available to students in French (Quebec), Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish (South America except Brazil).

International opportunities ('University-wide' subjects)
International opportunities are open to students from most subjects. Check your chosen university has enough suitable courses available to meet your degree requirements.

European opportunities
European opportunities are subject-specific. Use the 'Subject' criteria to view the list of European institutions which have an agreement in your subject area.

Language of instruction
Many partners offer classes and assessment in English. Check there are enough classes in English available during your exchange for you to complete an adequate number of credits. Language classes are available before you go and at the partner institution.

International Credit Mobility (ICM)
The Erasmus+ programme extends to some of our international partners ICM