The project's primary objective is to implement an improved end to end process for research management across the University which is aligned with the University's key research strategies.

Redesigned processes for Grants, Contracts and EU have been developed at various workshops involving a wide range of staff from the Colleges, Schools/Research Institutes and central teams. The processes have also been validated by a number of stakeholders from across the University and they inform both system and future organisation design requirements. The process documents are reviewed and updated as and when a change in requirements is identified.

The three interdependent workstreams which will enable the end to end processes are explained below.

  7 Bubble Diagram‌ 

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Organisation Design

Develop and implement roles and structures that are aligned to the end to end processes and supported by the system and operational procedures.  More information can be found within our People section.

System Implementation

Develop and implement a system that will enable the end to end processes in line with the detailed system requirements.  More information can be found within our Systems section.

Operational Procedures

Develop and implement operational procedures that detail how the roles will complete tasks, including the use of the system, that will collectively achieve the end to end processes.