End to end system solution

The current in-house research system will be superseded by a new research module within the current financial system (Agresso Business World).   This new module, Agresso Research Costing & Pricing (ARCP), will incorporate Awards Management (AAM) functionality and enable the application and award processes.  ARCP will interface with an improved Project Costing & Billing (PCB) module to enable the post-award processes.  The integration of both modules will enable a seamless flow within the end to end research management support process.

End to end system solution diagram

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In scope

  • Clinical Trials
  • Integration with Post-award
  • Interface with Core
  • Interface with Enlighten
  • Interface to University Internet
  • Interface to MyCampus
  • Interface to Workload Modelling system
  • Interface to University Ethics system

Out of scope

  • Intellectual Property
  • CPD
  • Interface with JES


  • Current manual approval activities will be superseded by automated workflow
  • The current Costing Request Form will be superseded by an online tool removing the need to rekey data
  • Upon submission  an academic will have immediate access to the project number which will apply throughout the project (both pre- and post-award)
  • Other systems improvements