The diagram below outlines the end to end research management processes.  These processes have been defined for the three main areas of research activity:

  • Grant funding
  • EU funding
  • Funded contracts and contracts which relate to Grant and EU funding


End to end process diagram

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Project Feasibility and Due Diligence activities should be completed in conjunction with the development of an application. The outcome of an application or contract will determine whether a project will move on to the post-award processes.  Once a project is set up financial costs are captured and claims submitted to the funder in accordance with their terms.  Throughout the life of a project, both project and change management activities are completed.  Once the project is complete and the final claim settled the project is closed.


High level end to end process design

The end to end process design is captured at a high level in the following diagram.  Each process below has a sub-process diagram.  Contact us if you require any further details.

High Level Process jpeg

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Research management processes

Opportunity Identified

The principal investigator identifies a research opportunity or is invited to join a collaboration.  A potential funder may or may not be known at this stage.

Project Feasibility

Initial information is gathered regarding the project to allow an early assessment of support required and any potential issues that need to be resolved. Application development may be happening at the same time.  

Application Development

Development of the research subject matter, costing and pricing, and completion of the funder’s application.  Peer review will be completed during the development of the application.

Application Approval Internal approval of the application before it is submitted to the funder.
Submission Submission of the application to the funder.
Application Outcome

Receipt and recording of the application outcome from the funder.  Where the application is awarded, costing and pricing information is updated to reflect the actual award. Where the value is outwith a predefined tolerance, internal approval of the award is completed.

Project Start-Up

Creation of the project budgets, confirmation of actual start date, and set up of invoicing criteria in line with the funders terms and conditions.  Recruitment of required staff.

Project Management Management of the project throughout its life including: undertaking the research, incurring expenditure, budget management, recruitment and change management.
Invoicing and Reporting Claiming funds due from funders and providing financial and scientific reports in line with the funder terms and conditions.
Project Close Completion and submission of the final invoice or financial statement to the funder and review of any under or over spend. Completion and submission of scientific report to the funder detailing the outcome of the research.