Communication Plan

  • We recognise that effective communication is paramount to the success of the project
  • We have a detailed communication strategy in place
  • We work with a communication plan aligned to the communication strategy
  • This strategy identifies our key stakeholder groups, the steps involved and the approach we will take to implement the necessary changes
  • Communication and engagement underpin project activities going forward


Consultation & Engagement

  • Relevant information will be communicated in a practical and timely manner so that stakeholders are aware o‌f and prepared for the implementation of the new processes and organisation structure
  • Ongoing communication with stakeholder groups is considered a two way process. The method of communication will be adapted as appropriate and may be delivered in the form of written, electronic, verbal or face to face communication involving update presentations, meetings and workshops as appropriate
  • Consultation with key stakeholder groups is being carried out as and when required

OD Diagram‌ 

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