Awards for both The Technician Commitment and Mohammad Ali Salik at the Technician Commitment Signatory Event.

On June 24th 2019 both Hannah Bialic and Mohammad Ali Salik attended The Technician Commitment Signatory at the Jaguar Experience Birmingham as the Institutional representatives of University of Glasgow.

Certificate of Recognition Awarded March 2019 to Mohammad Ali Salik In recognition of attendance at the Technician Commitment Peer Review Training Course in November 2018 and subsequent review of Technician Commitment Signatory Self-Assessments and Action Plans.

Technician Commitment, Certificate of Recognition Awarded March 2019 to Mohammed Ali Salik. In recognition of attendance at the Technician 
Commitment Peer Review Training Course in November 
2018 and subsequent review of Technician Commitment 
Signatory Self-Assessments and Action Plans.

The University of Glasgow received an award for its successful submission of the self-assessment and action plan and for becoming the Signatory of the Technician Commitment.


Technician Commitment Award for Submission. Presented to University of Glasgow on 24th June 2019 
in recognition of progress made pertaining to their 
Technician Commitment. ensuring visibility. recognition. 
career development and sustainability of technical roles 
and skills at University of Glasgow.

First published: 2 July 2019

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