Technical Modern Apprenticeships at the University of Glasgow

A Modern Apprenticeship is a framework for training people to a high standard in the workplace. All the frameworks are developed by the industry or sector in which they will be implemented, so they encompass all the skills and knowledge required to be a craftsman, technician, administrator or manager in that area.

Modern Apprenticeships help employers to develop their workforce by training new staff, and upskilling existing employees. For individuals, an MA is a job, which lets them earn a wage and gain an industry-recognised qualification.

Each Modern Apprenticeship framework is made up of three parts:

a) The occupational SVQ. The SVQ is usually at level 3 but some frameworks also contain the level 2. This is a work based qualification which demonstrates that an employee can do their job up to a certain skill level.

b) Five Core skills - Communication, Problem Solving, Information & Communication Technology, Numeracy and Working with others.

c) Some Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks contain components, which have been added to broaden training and encourage personal development and flexibility in the workplace. These additional components vary but may include additional units from other SVQs, industry specific qualifications or other qualifications appropriate to the industry / sector e.g. health and safety, first aid.

At the University of Glasgow, Modern Apprentices are trained and supported in the workplace to work towards their SVQ. In addition, where appropriate Modern Apprentices are given the opportunity to achieve an appropriate academic qualification (normally an HNC), which is supported by day-release to attend college.

Further information can be found at Human Resources EOD