The SVM Clinical Skills Team receive the University Teaching Excellence Award.

Published: 25 June 2019

The School of Veterinary Medicines Clinical Skills Team received the University Teaching Excellence Award.

The School of Veterinary Medicine are absolutely thrilled to congratulate our Clinical Skills team upon receiving the University of Glasgow Teaching Excellence Award on Wednesday 19th June at the graduation ceremony!

The team are:

Alan Purvis (Veterinary Medicine Undergraduate School Technician)

Gordon Gray (Veterinary Medicine Undergraduate School Technician)

James McGoldrick (Veterinary Medicine Undergraduate School Technician)

Lissann Wolfe (Veterinary Science & Education Lecturer)

Louise Anderson (Veterinary Science & Education Lecturer)

Maureen Carnan (Veterinary Science & Education Lecturer)

Paul Eynon (Veterinary Science & Education Lecturer)

Zamantha Marshall (Veterinary Science & Education Lecturer)

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First published: 25 June 2019

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