Steering Group and Technician Champions


The main point of contact for all enquiries relating to the Technician Commitment is David Tedman (Depute head of HR, MVLS and Institutional lead). 

The Steering Group comprises representatives from all key areas within the University, including technical, academic and HR colleagues:

Chair and Champion

Frank Coton, Vice-Principal (Academic & Educational Innovation)

Technical Managers

Dave Anderson (IT Services Director, BRM & Engagement)

Graham Tobasnick (Strategic Programme Manager)

Cyril Pacot (James Watt School of Engineering)

Paul Paterson (Molecular, Cell & Systems Biology)

Nicola Britton (Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences)                 

Brian Robb (James Watt School of Engineering)

Claire Wilson (School of Chemistry)

Christine Carr (MVLS Education Hub)

Technical Staff

Mohammad Ali Salik (Technical staff & Technician Commitment Co-ordinator)

Joss Hamilton (Ex-apprentice)

Aristotelis Palyvos (Technical staff and Technician Champion)

Academic Lead

Nikolaj Gadegaard (CoSE)

HR Leads
Angela Loy (Senior HR Advisor, CoSE, & Apprenticeships)
David Tedman (MVLS and Institutional lead)
Lesley Cummings (Pay, Performance & Reward )
James Hamilton (Employee & Organisational Development)
Trade Union Representative

Sharon Burns (Unite)

Administrative Lead

Neil McAllister (College of MVLS, HR)

You can contact the Steering Group on



Our current Technician Champions are listed below:

Name School / Institute
Alana Hamilton Infection and Immunity
Allan McVie Cancer Sciences
Ana Monteiro
Andrew Phillips Engineering administration
Andrew Stevenson Virology
Aristotelis Palyvos Archaeology
Conor Martin Centre For Neuroscience
Eleanor McKay SUERC
Frazer Bell Public Health & Disease Investigation
Gordon Gray EST Biological Services
Hazel Hamilton MVLS Education Hub
Helen Kinch SUERC
Jennifer Barrie Immunology & Infection
Katrina Stevenson Clinical Research Garscube
Laura Mcglynn Engineering administration
Lisa Finlayson MVLS Education Hub
Louise Pollock Arts IT
Margaret Packer MVLS Education Hub
Mark Wildman Geographical & Earth Sciences
Tom Purnell Immunology & Infection
Wilson MacDougall Engineering administration