Guidance Notes

To help you manage your chemical hazards effectively we have produced a series of guidance documents covering a range of subjects.  These guides are designed to provide additional background information on specific chemical hazards and advice on how to comply with relevant legislation and University policy as well as ensuring good practice when handling hazardous substances.  The guidance documents can be downloaded using the links on this page

Note: Guidance documents are regularly reviewed by the SEPS team to reflect current legislation and good practice.  It is strongly recommended that users regularly check regularly to ensure they are using the latest version of any relevant guidance.

CHEM01 Chemical Emergencies



CHEM04 Safe Chemical Storage

CHEM05 Incompatible Chemicals List

CHEM06 Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

CHEM07 Cryogenic Safety

CHEM08 Chemical Waste

CHEM08a Chemical Waste FAQ

CHEM09 Pressure Systems Safety

CHEM10 Laboratory Signage

CHEM11 Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)

CHEM12 Cyanide Compounds

CHEM13 Perchloric Acid

CHEM14 Highly Toxic Substances

CHEM15 Pyrophoric Substances

CHEM16 Laboratory Decommissioning

CHEM17 Picric Acid

CHEM18 Controlled Drug Licensing

CHEM19 Compressed Gas Cylinders

CHEM19a Design of Compressed Gas Cylinder Stores

CHEM20 Bunsen Burner Safety

CHEM21 Statutory Inspections