information for Schools, Research Institutes and Colleges

The assessment of students and the integrity of our exam processes are of paramount importance to the University. Registry provides an invigilation service for all degree examinations taking place within designated exam diets each academic year.

Exam Invigilators play a central role in helping to ensure that security is maintained, and that exams are conducted in a fair and consistent manner and in accordance with University regulations and procedures.

This information outlines responsibilities for School/RI administration during examinations, and how School, Research Institute and College staff are expected work alongside the invigilation service.




30 minutes to Exam Start*

Papers/packs delivered to main halls


20 minutes to Exam Start*

Arrive at exam venue, assist with the set-up and ensure all exam materials are in place


10 minutes to Exam Start*

Admit students to the exam venue, direct them to their seats, and advise them of regulations relating to examination conditions.  Invigilators read out standard announcements which apply to all exams, and if specific instructions to candidates are required, these should be included on the rubric


Exam Commences

Invigilators start the exam


From Exam Start*

Check student IDs, collect and count attendance slips


From Exam Start*

If an error is identified with an exam paper, staff to attend exam venues and make all necessary announcements.  If the exam takes place across more than 1 venue, it is the School’s responsibility to attend every venue, including separate rooms and cluster rooms, ensuring all students sitting the exam are updated so that no student is disadvantaged.

School/RI staff

From Exam Start*

Record suspected breaches of University examination regulations and, when necessary, confiscate prohibited material from students.  It is not the role of invigilators to determine which breaches of conduct should be referred - the Senate Office will judge the severity of the breach 


 >+60 minutes after start and <-30 from finish

Candidates may exceptionally leave the examination: temporary exit requires invigilator attendance; final exit requires attendance slip and answerbook(s) to be collected


30 Minutes to Exam End

Candidates are not permitted to leave


15 minutes to Exam End

Announce that the examination has 15 minutes remaining


5 minutes to Exam End

School staff attend the exam venue and identify themselves to the invigilators. All School staff require a staff identification card to gain entry to an exam venue.

School/RI staff

Exam finishes

Stop the exam exactly on time, instructing students to stop writing and remind them that they remain under exam conditions until all paperwork has been collected


 As long as necessary to reconcile number of students and number of exam scripts.

Prepare script books, teleforms, exam papers and any other exam material for collection.  Attendance slips must be tallied with the number of students and scripts or teleforms.  We would note that invigilators have been briefed to carry out their responsibilities, including checking attendance and ensuring the correct number of scripts and answerbooks are provided to the School/RI colleagues, and they need to be allowed to carry out these responsibilities without interruption.


When scripts collected, checked and counted

Confirm the invigilator’s count of exam papers and sign the IRF to acknowledge this.  There is a clear-desk policy - all paperwork should be removed from exam venue, including question papers, even those which are not marked as “do not remove” School/RI staff

*Exam Start refers to the beginning of Early Start Students and not the Main Group of students. eg. an exam commencing at 9:30am with a duration of one hour, will commence at 9:15am for the student with additional time. Invigilators will commence 20minutes before that student begins.

Students requiring Additional Support

All students that are allocated additional time are expected to present themselves to the invigilation team at the beginning of the exam. Exceptions to this rule is for LANGCTR exams in main halls due to the audio component and for student requiring 100% Extra Time due to the impact on invigilation timing and allocation. 

Invigilators will not, at any time, call students that are requiring additional time into the hall.

It is the School or Research Institute's responsibility to provide enlarged font to students who have this listed in their requirements. This information will be held with your Disability Officer.