Before you graduate

Before you graduate

General Council

Medium image of graduation day

When you graduate from the University you become a member of the General Council.

The General Council is a statutory body and plays a part in the governance of the University.  This requirement is set out in Regulation XII "Graduation and General Council Membership" of the "University Fees and General Information for Students" section of the University Calendar.

General Council benefits

All members:

  • can take part in meetings of the General Council, which take place twice a year, and
  • receive the graduate magazine "Avenue" (issued twice a year).


If you have an outstanding tuition debt to the University you will not be allowed to enrol for graduation or graduate. For further information, please see the Student Debt Policy


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Please ensure that -

  • you have paid all outstanding tuition debts before you enrol.
  • you have returned all library books and any other University property before you graduate.

Graduation in-absentia

If you do not wish to attend the ceremony you can graduate in-absentia and the University will post your degree parchment to you.

If you enrol to attend your graduation ceremony and fail to turn up on the day without prior notification to the Registry, your graduation will be treated as in-absentia.

We will post your parchment:

  • to your home address, or
  • to the address on your graduation enrolment form (if you did not enrol online)

within 7-10 working days of the date of your graduation ceremony.